The lord is my strength, I spoke to myself over again. As I walk my way through the dark and lonely path that lead to dorm. Flashbacks of what happened at my early stage came into my mind like whirlwinds, Oh! I wailed how did I get my self into this?

It was the last day of the three days evening prayer and word session my school fellowship held. I had refused attending the first and second day, my abstinence have been arousing questions in the hostel. Why would a so called “Christian” like me miss the school fellowship program? To avoid more questions and corny looks, I decided to attend the program.

My name is Esther, I am a “Christian” because my parent are one and they made me attend church services whenever I’m home from school. Our pastor spoke too much fantasies about God and heaven. I’ve never believed a word of his, it is not too bad if I say I hated church because of one Man’s crime.
It was just two days to my tenth birthday, I was still asleep until the voices woke me up. My mum! She called out. We are leaving she said, I didn’t understood what she meant until I got to the living room and saw our packed bags and my Dad was sitting in one of the sofa starring at us. We left that morning to my Aunty’s place and I heard our pastor said something; it was very disheartening. I really didn’t get what he said, but what I heard ruined my birthday. My life made my parent live apart for four years.

Things changed when they got back together. There was no love like before. We changed church, started a new life. I felt they came back because of me since that incident of seven years. I have gone astray, worst than before. I vowed never to be caught in the act of being a Christian because they are all hypocrite.
And today I met Christ. You might be wondering… I really do not know what took me to a church, the preach was not good looking, he was not fluent in speaking. He preached on mark 10:47-52, he said the blind’s man garment was an hindrance to him being saved, he had to let go of the garment to reach Christ. On and on he went on urging us all to let go of whatever it is that is holding us back from reaching Christ. It was so unlike me but I felt he was talking to me, my heart became heavy and my body weak. I didn’t know what pushed me to walk to the aisle when he asked us to. I confessed the words after him and I had this peace within, I realised I have forgiven the pastor that almost ruin my life.

I knelt before the altar and cried my heart out, the session came to an end but I couldn’t help it but to continue. Now as I made my way back from dorm, I realised I’ve been changed and that verse one the Bible that states;”the lord is my strength ” kept coming to me. I had no idea where it was in the bible but then, I am saved!

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