FICTION: Okabe Peace Obi- Broken But Beautiful (Part 1)

Grace was a young lady, full of life, hopes and ambitious. She is a born again, spirit filled and speaking tongues Christian whose delight was to be in God’s presence daily.She was commited to prayers and fasting, always reading the bible and evangelizing, she was tagged “Holy holy” or “Pastor pikin” by her classmates in school. She was mocked cause she refused to compromise or live how they lived, she was very brilliant and her parents and teaches loved her for it.
She kept the faith and continued winning souls for Christ, she withstood pressures from her classmates and boys who wanted he. In senior secondary two she met a guy named Francis in church, he was in the same unit where she served and she liked him,she thought that he was not like other boys who wanted to have sex with her. After all she said to herself, he’s a Christian like me and also spirit filled and I’m sure that he is the will of God for me, after a two months she finally agreed to date him. So, they started going out together and they broke the choir rule which stated that no relationship between choir members in the youth church but they didn’t care for they loved each other. Nobody except close friends knew about their relationship, she couldn’t tell her mom or dad cause they told her that she had to be 20 before she could think of being in a relationship, whereas she was 16 and Francis was 21 and deep down she knew that it was wrong but she didn’t mind cause she wanted to have something to talk about in school and hopefully gain some friends in school. She now belonged to the clique of “I have a boyfriend”. After two months of dating Francis, he started asking her to come over to his house, stay up at night to talk to him, lied to her parents about her whereabouts and she saw it as one of those things that happens in a relationship.
Then one day she went to visit him and he told her that if she truly loves him, she should kiss him and she agreed and told herself after all it is not sex and I’m not doing anything wrong and it continued and every time they met, they’ll kiss and it finally seemed normal to her but her spiritual life was no longer in shape, she no longer had time for midnight prayers because she spent most night talking to him over the phone and bible study days became short because she spent time chatting with him, she started failing her tests and her grades dropped. Her parents noticed and then began questioning her and try to put her back on the right track but she thought she knew everything and they were all old school and didn’t know what’s up…
Until that faithful day when she went to see him, he told her that he wanted to have sex with her and she refuse, he got angry and told her to get out and that it was over cause she didn’t love him enough. She tried to tell him about the vow she made with God and that she planned to stay a virgin till her wedding night, she tried to make him understand but he didn’t listen he told her that the vow made no sense and it was foolishness, he told her that he was wasting his time with her and as she got up to leave he grabbed her and threw her on the bed before heading to lock the door and increased the volume of the speaker………


EDITED BY-   ESOSA ERIMS      @Erima_sosa

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