Esosa Erims – Blood [EPISODE 1]

A night before the ritual, I was frightened. It was all like a movie to me, then I realised it wasn’t, when I saw the priest invoked the seven wizards from the realm of the spirit. What have I gotten myself into? I muttered. I glanced at my body that ooze with bloods, it was full of injuries and the maps of canes that looked like the crucifixion of Christ… I was still confused about, why I was here, what happened? And why I was beaten…

 The wizards laughed joyously and gazed at me. They spoke in an unknown languages, I just opened my mouth and eyes, watched the way they discussed and laughed. All the same, fear grilled me, I sweated profusely… Yes! Yes! Oh no! Yes yes! From afar I heard this voices Yes! Yes! Oh no! With my half eyes, I tried to look and see who this people were. They came very close, closer, I saw nothing but winds, I was shaking, like it was snowing. Who are you! Who are you! I screamed… In a wailing voice they all replied ” I am your greatest fear, I am your blood, I am the one you killed, I became a hunter for souls like you!…” I shouted and say but I didn’t kill any one… But… I know of someone that die for me… Jesus! With a thunderous voice one of the wizard hollowed… Don’t ever! don’t ever! I repeat don’t ever mention that name… I was so scared, so I kept quite.


My fear was palpable, I totally lost my instincts… Wake up! Mama Tunde poured me water, Where did you go to? You’ve been screaming, calling names and wailing. I was dumb, I couldn’t remember anything. I totally forgot what happened that night. Mama tunde is my Dad’s third wife, my mother died, didn’t know how. My step mother died during child birth, I am the only surviving child, now my Dad is married to mama Tunde who already got married, but left because her husband could not meet up with her greedy needs. I don’t know why I feel strange, demoralized every night I lay on my bed. This is getting out of hand I said to myself. Seems to me like I live in two worlds, I don’t even know me, I don’t even know the blood that runs through my veins …I glanced into Vacancy and yawned.. ” Shey dey don dae worry you abi? Common get up foolish child” Mama tunde shouted. I stood up still feeling the pains I had last night.. I slowly took off my night wears, but something happened…


To Be Continued.

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