Esosa Erims – Blood |Episode 2|

    I reluctantly took off my night wears, but something happened. It got me berserk a little. I saw a red rope tied around my ankles. I was confused and surprised… I didn’t even knew when I screamed. “Wetin happen?”

Ola? “You don de mad?”

Mama Tunde shouted at me as usual…

I answered her in my mind.

“Oluwa oo” Papa Ola? Come and see the hindrance of our progress… “

Mogbe” she knelt down… Papa hastened swiftly.

“What’s happening?”

I tried removing the red rope tied against my legs but it seems like it was knotted.

Papa folded his arms and gazed amazingly. “Ola? What’s this on your legs?” He asked.. I tried saying something but mama tunde blotted out. Shut up! “God have catch you red handed” I stammered trying to tell my Dad what I saw last night but he gave no listening ears, because Mama tunde has fed him with her witchcraft.

I got soaked in tears trying to get my self out the ropes.

What again!

Oh God!

Have I gone mad?

I didn’t kill anybody!

Why me? Why me?

I knelt down trying to fix my broken self. I spoke to God like he was there… “God Shey you dae see ba” English could no longer solve my problems… “God Shey you dae heaven? You dae see every every? I sniffed in and out.”

“I no no wetin just dae do me, I no fit sleep for night after that oda dream wey dat man rape me, wey I wake up see blood full every where” God?

Wetin I do na! I cried, laying lose….

“You never see anything”

Mama tunde hissed and left the room. I never knew she was standing there watching me.

         It’s already midday, i slept off after crying and wailing to God. I got up soaked in tears… I took my bath, still starring at the red ropes. Hunger has made war with my stomach, I walked into the kitchen yawning and stretching…

“Witch? Ke lo se le?

Mama tunde said in a mockery voice.

Mama tunde? “better stop that rubbish” I replied immediately.

” Oh you want to beat me? Come na” You’ll know if it the goat that kills the owner or the owner that kills the goat…

I snubbed her. Looking at the pots, washed and clean.

“Oh God! am dead”

Hunger has already dug my grave. Mama tunde am hungry….

“God forbid!” Am not a mother to a witch!

I smiled. I took out one tuber of yam and that was it! Hunger became a history.

It was getting late already, I can hear the birds chirping, watching the sun setting was my favourite path. The part I enjoyed most was sitting close to the kitchen. Mama tunde warned never to get into her kitchen when it is time to cook, so my chores reduced. I prayed she changes her mind and ask me never to do anything.

“Mtcheew” I hissed. I forgot I was close to the kitchen. “The meats I have in my pot are ok, I don’t want to eat snakes” she said.. I laughed so hardly, if only she knew what was going through my Head. I laughed harder.

We sat in the living room taking about life in the village, until Mama tunde came to join us and changed the topic. Ola?

My heart caught epilepsy. What are you going to do about the robes?

Her children were too Young to understand so they left us.

I was thinking about visiting a pastor…

Mama tunde said, Oh, I replied. Oh what? First thing tomorrow! First thing I said! We’re matching to see the pastor.

I was still glancing at her, at the same time trying to treat my heart. Hmmm..

“I muttered” Who is the witch here? Mama tunde talking about church… That’s rare…….



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