Pastor Joshua Iginla Of Champions Royal Assembly Ends Marriage

We are in times and seasons, in modern Christianity, where scandals about clergymen making news headlines is the order of the day. We’ve heard accusations of pastors stealing money, performing “fake” miracles, living extravagant lives, using counterfeit powers, divorces and even Infidelity.

But here’s a story with a certainly different twist.

Pastor and Prophet Joshua Iginla, of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Nigeria, is in the headlines, on social media and beyond, owing to a trending, shocking video of him confessing that himself and his wife, have both had extramarital affairs, in the course of their marriage.

In the video, he said “something happened, that would warrant a man to divorce his wife, and he had scriptural backing for that”. By that statement, he was declaring that his wife committed adultery. He then goes ahead to say the act produced “an unholy child”, the quoted statement, which has received a lot of criticisms and unpleasant receptions by the general public. He then progresses to say his wife ” pushed him” and he also had a child out of wedlock. In the course of the video, Pastor Joshua stated that when his wife who first committed adultery, did, he covered it up, so that their marriage can work, but then, when he made the same mistake, his wife subjected him to public ridicule, insults and and unbearable pressure.

At the concluding part of the approximately five minute video, he declared that he had begged his wife, incessantly to calm down, so they can sort out their issues, in secret, but she was adamant. He said that he had told his wife that if he had to come to the public and confess “his sin”, in his words, that will mark the end of their union as a couple.

In the video, there were audible murmurs and shouts of ” NO!” from the obviously disturbed congregation, as he declared definitively, that he was ending his marriage to his wife.

This incident has spurred an uproar of emotions, reactions and responses, especially amongst the Christian community, in Nigeria and beyond.

There are so many questions in the minds of the public. But the big question is, HOW DOES GOD VIEW THIS rather sad scenario? What are the lessons to be learnt, from the episode, especially in the psyche of the Believer in Christ? How can believers handle related issues, better?

No one, certainly, has the perfect answers, but as we daily walk with God, in the light of His love, truth and hearts ready to receive divine wisdom and guidance, from above, one thing is certain, His Spirit will always lead us aright, as we allow Him to teach and lead us.

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