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Emmy For Jesus – You Will Rejoice Again |Mp3 Download|


Emmy For Jesus – You Will Rejoice Again |Mp3 Download|



Emmy For Jesus – You Will Rejoice Again Lyrics

You will rejoice again, Philippians 4:4
You will sing again,
You will laugh again,Psalm 126:1-2
You will triumph again,Exodus 15:20-22
You will clap again,Psalm 47:1
You will prosper again,3 John 2
This world is a place of ceaseless spiritual Battle
The Question now is
How can we match into war with the song of victory( 2x)
     Marching as to war
Looking unto Jesus
Who is gone before
Christ, the Royal master
Leads against the foe
Forward into Battle
See His Banners go………..
      Thank you Jesu
Thank you Holy spirit
I’ll welcome you
I’ll welcome you 
Oh Holy spirit
Oh Holy spirit
Oooooooooooooooo  Jesus eeeh 
You’re the king of kings yeah
        Ojocheyi Ichonenooooo
Ojodoba Cheyi
      Ojocheyee( 6x)

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