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The song, “I Am”, is a simple, carefully written and arranged song, but clearly and profoundly reveals to the Believer, whom God has made him or her, by reason of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, that bought our salvation, completely and eternally, and by reason of this, F4C birthed this song.
It was written from a place of reminiscing and meditating on all F4C has come to realize, God has constantly shown and reminded him that He (God), says he (F4C) is, despite so many times of self doubt and times of uncertainty of who he is.
Special thanks to the producer of this track, AY Klasiq, who entered into the spirit of the song, put his very impressive versatility, evidently SKILLFUL and quite underrated music knowledge, into creating the perfect sound, to match the hearty, soulfully and similarly skillful delivery of the song’s lead and back up vocals, done by F4C.
As you listen to this tune, may it reveal, assure reassure you, as th
\case may call for, who YOU ARE, in God’s eyes, in

Jesus name. God bless you!
Thanks be to Jesus!
For His eternal sacrifice on the cross!

I am made whole in Him!


I am righteous!

I’m forever loved by You!

I am holy!

I am sanctified!
I am glorified!

(Repeats 1ce)

Call: I am who You say I am.
Response: Your child, Your beloved, Your own!
Call:I am who You say I am!

Response: Victorious, Light of the world!

Call:Oh Uh, this is my confidence!

Response: You died on the cross,and paid the price for me!

Call: Oh Oh Oh Uh! This is my confidence!

You Never Lie, Your Word is Forever!

I am Righteous, I’m forever loved by You.

I am holy, I am sanctified, I am glorified.


It’s who I am!

It’s who I am!

(Repeats 8ce.)
I am righteous!

I am forever loved by you!

I am holy!
I am sanctified!

I am glorified!….


F4C, who’s birth name is Femi Salako, is a very unique singer, with a distinct sound, understanding and rendering of music, and this speaks in all his works. He is a singer, songwriter, music director, vocal instructor, writer, teens counselor and life enthusiast.
He has been privileged to work with and grace stages with the likes of Prospa Ochimana, Eunice Morgan, Pastor Dayo Benjamins-Laniyi, TPhilz, Temple Nation and so many more.

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