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The Kingdom Community
(TKC) is a Gospel community, consisting of gospel singers, songwriters, rappers, spoken word artistes bloggers fashion experts and many many more, who are gathered together, from far and wide, on a WhatsApp group, (for now), where there’s fellowship, activities, discussions, and support, for everyone’s craft, in whatever capacity. It is a body, tailored to see the growth of the gospel community, GLOBALLY, and to enforce the light of the body of Christ, in the dying world.

It was created by Mr Samuel Sas-Uduehi, popularly know as Sammy-Sas, on April 30th, 2019, and now has about 100 members, from different parts of the world!… From Ghana, France, Canada, Jamaica, The United States and the United Kingdom. Sammy-Sas is an excellent on air presenter, an amazing rap artiste, an MC/events host, an artiste manager, a minister of the gospel, and just a wonderful man… Who is a huge inspiration to many people, both young and old. He surely is an undeniable force to be reckoned with!

In TKC, one of the topmost goals is to see that everyone grows in wisdom, in whatever sphere of life and influence, they find themselves, and one of the ways the TKC family is set to achieve that, is to have different guests, who have recorded tremendous success in their career lines, come speak on the platform, and share their life experiences with the inmates of TKC.

On the 27th of May, we had Ms Ruthie Allen, speak on the platform. Ruthie Allen is an indigene of the United Kingdom, a 32 year old single mother of 3, a top gospel music blogger in the UK, a wonderful writer, counsellor and a minister of the gospel of Jesus, in whatever capacity she can, in her own words.

She shared her heart and wisdom with us, generously, as she was warmly welcomed by the in-house members. The session started by 9:30 pm, and ran for about an hour 30 minutes. It started with a brief introduction of herself, then progressed to an exclusive interview with her, done by the wonderful convener, Sammy-Sas, then moved to a question and answer session, where the team members asked her questions and she answered with so much wisdom and grace. It was wrapped up by her final words and then to numerous appreciative messages from inmates, for sharing her heart with them.

It was surely an enriching time of heart to heart wisdom, exposure, truths and guidelines for progress in all spheres of endeavour, that were represented.

TKC deeply appreciates you, Ms Ruthie Allen. You really are an immense, priceless inspiration to the body of Christ, and we know that God, has BIG plans to use you, to reach out to many souls. God bless you, and continues to honour you, ma’am!

Follow snippets of the conversation, below.

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Femi Salako.

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