Blissful Rhema – Hello How Are You |Mp3 Download|

Blissful Rhema-Hello-How-Are-You

Blissful Rhema – Hello How Are You |Mp3 Download|

Abuja,Nigeria based super talented musician,actress and media personality with 99.9kissfm, Abuja Blissful Rhema debuts her single of the year “Hello how are you”.

According to her,”hello how are you”

is a song born out of a season of “Total dryness”. It was like my world was in total darkness, my days became like nights, I continued to back away from people, my thoughts kept weighing  me down, in all of this I smiled like nothing  was wrong; glamorously dressed yet wrapped in pains,depressed, felt alone, at that point SL I wanted was just for friends and loved ones to check on me,i get that smile of reassurance that I wasn‘t alone, I hated to look into the mirror, called myself unworthy names. Sometimes I wish I wake up to see the whole world was halted, it was a season of tumult and dark clouds……
Amazingly, I had to talk me into positivity,. I hadn’t accomplished 30% of what God intends for me and my assignment on earth. I stopped keeping to myself, I learnt to communicate, connect with people, I chose to talk about  every unpleasant situation to close reasonable friends and family, that way,I was able to combat depression and suicidal thoughts.
  Hmmm! That was how I woke up to this inspiring song ” Hello, how are you” one beautiful morning, On the 23rd December 2018. So much effort has been put into the launch of this song, eventually, it’s out at this time, where I know, its going to affect lives and out in us the easiest ways to express genuine love and also doing it timely.
In closing, I like to say
*Don’t keep it to yourself.
*Its 100% okay to seek help.
Suicide is not an option.
Commuting suicide is mediocrity.
Choose to live!

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