Dance of Victory Mixtape Hosted by DJTbx | @itzdjtbx @unikempireHQ

Dance of Victory Mixtape Hosted by DJTbx

After the successful release of THE PLUG mixtape as at March 2020, prolific disc jockey and brand ambassador to Unik Empire Media House DJTbx embarked on creating a mixtape that would put you into the mood of giving a victory dance.

The mixtape majorly focuses on two fuji music artists which are the self acclaimed fuji ambassador Sammy Wonders and Testimony Jaga not forgetting to mention other artists featured in the mixtape which includes the likes of Talkin Machin, Frank Edwards, Ada etc.
The Dance of Victory Mixtape spans over the time phase of 53 minutes 4 seconds of just dance vibes. Use the link below to Listen & download.

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