Jose Nuel, A minstrel of grace, an anointed worshiper and a professional vocalist to the glory of God.
He has just dropped a spirit-filled English-Yoruba worship song titled Ope. He
featured Haywhy, a Yoruba prolific gospel artist and chant expert. Together they created
something beyond music – an art capable of bringing down the glory of God.
Ope tries to create an atmosphere of worship and gratitude. It elevates the place of God in
the life of every believer.

Jose Nuel, is a sensational gospel music artist and songwriter from Kogi state, Nigeria. Over the years, Jose Nuel has constantly delivered God’s
word to God’s people using his musical prowess and excellent writing and delivering skills.
He is widely known for his ability to respectfully sing in native dialects, especially Igala and
Yoruba. All his songs are genuinely inspired by the spirit of God, to reach the people of God
in diverse ways.


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